Monday, November 30, 2015

The use of Internet Memes thicken rivalry between Ole Miss and Mississippi State

The Egg Bowl Championship between rivalries Ole Miss and Mississippi State is the most anticipated game of the season. Both schools play in hopes of taking home the golden egg. In November 2014, Ole Miss won the golden egg after losing it in November of 2013 from being defeated 17-10. This year, in November 2015 Ole Miss gained bragging rights after being named back to back Egg Bowl Champions by defeating Mississippi State 38-27.

Although the Egg Bowl is played by football players, fans have found a new way to participate and chime in on the rivalry with the use of Internet memes. Internet Memes have sparked across all types of social media websites. Memes are catchphrases or pieces of media which spreads via Internet. The memes consist of players, coaches, fans, and even animals that either predict the outcome of the game or tell us who came home with a victory. Ole Miss fans responded to the Egg Bowl victory with many humorous memes.

D'Lacia McKinley has more on that story where you can click below.

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