Monday, November 30, 2015

Shipley Do-Nuts of Clinton Undergoes Changes for the Month of December

Good news, Clinton residents, for the month of December, Shipley Do-Nuts will make a temporary change that will leave your taste buds craving do-nuts around dessert time. Shipley's is extending its hours past the normal six o'clock closing time with hopes of attracting more customers. Hot do-nuts will be served not only in the morning, but also later in the afternoon. However, this change does not apply to Sundays, which will be open from 6 am to 12 pm.

This change is one of few changes that Shipley Do-Nuts of Clinton has made. Other changes include the use of Apple Pay and renovations to the interior of the shop. This change in hours is temporary, however, according to Abraham Mazy, the store manager, this could become permanent. 

"This is a test. If we experience great results, we are considering making it a permanent change," said Mazy. 

Newswatch reporter, Daniella Oropeza, has more on this story.

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