Monday, November 30, 2015

Ruth Philipon contributes her talents to the Treasure Island, Florida Community

Ruth Philipon (left) with Libit Jones (right)
after displaying Philipon's work
Treasure Island, FL- Born in London, England, Ruth Philipon began her career as an artist at the age of fifteen while she studied at an intensive art school in Canada. Since then she has traveled the world exploring various cultures and selling her work.

Following in her parents footsteps, Philipon made her way back to Treasure Island. Now she is an active volunteer for Florida Craft Art  and other societies that have improved the attraction to the St. Petersburg area, including her own personal touches on the Christmas decorations. Along with her experience of owning an art gallery, Philipon has been an Exhibition Chairmen for the local Ikebana International Chapter for three years.

While maintaining her passion for the arts, Philipon continues to create her own unique works that are just a small sample of what she has to offer to the Treasure Island community. 

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