Monday, November 30, 2015

College grad creates a growing new business

Brittney Winbush the Creator of InnerScoop.
On November 28, 2015 a day that celebrates small businesses, Brittney Winbush is proud to be celebrated within that group.  Winbush owns a social-media marketing business called Innerscoop. Innerscoop manages 5 meduim to small business,people and companies.  Winbush Began Innerscoop her senior year of high school, and the business began to expand over the last couple of years. As well as Innerscoop, Winbush has her own personal brand WhichBrittney. is a lifestyle and fashion blog created by Winbush. The blog has had mentions from editors of Teen Vogue, the social media advisor of Cover Girl and more. In 5 years Winbush plans to expand her brand even larger.
To hear more of her plans watch below.

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