Monday, November 30, 2015

"The Builder" - Final Package

The Rugged Lifestyle of an Amateur Bodybuilder

Bay St. Louis, MS- Bodybuilding is a career that requires devoted athletes to give months of their lives for only a day of competition.  Newman Forestier is among the few who are willing to make this sacrifice.  Working out four hours a day, and eating well over 5000 calories a day, Forestier has gained 30 pounds within one year.  Forestier has competed in three amateur events and has not placed once.  Forestier has also hired a private trainer to help ready himself for his upcoming competition.

Forestier began his pursuit of body building after watching an Arnold Schwarzenegger film.  At the time he was 16-years-old with no experience with any type of strength training.  Forestier soon convinced his father into turning their spare garage space into a personal gym.  Forestier's father also has no experience with weight training, so Forestier turned to Muscle and Fitness Magazine for guidance.  Forestier has been training for over five years and plans on committing his life to the sport.

Chris Frigo has more on that story here.

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