Monday, November 30, 2015

Ole Miss goes beyond winning in the Unified Egg Bowl

Courtesy of the Daily Mississippian
The University of Mississippi hosted the 2nd annual Unified Egg Bowl on Monday, Nov. 16. The football game is to help raise money towards Special Olympic programs on their collective campuses. An abundance of fans from both sides of the spectrum came to watch the athletes play, including football coach Hugh Freeze, AD Ross Bjork and a multitude of football players.

Around 10-15 Special Olympic athletes and volunteers were involved on both teams. Madison Dennis, one of the players on the Ole Miss team, said that what ment to her the most were the volunteers that played in the game the and other fans that came out and supported. It could easily be the small things that make football games less about W's and L's. Ole Miss ended up winning the game 25-24. Jimmy Anderson has more on the story below

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