Sunday, April 26, 2015

Wynne Arkansas Arts Festival Picnic'N Downtown Promotes Local Artists and Downtown

Wynne residents check out some of the art at Picnic'N Downtown
The Cross County Arts Council held its 4th annual arts festival, Picnic'N Downtown this past weekend. The event took place in nine different buildings in downtown Wynne and hosted 45 local artists from around the area. Residents could taste a different international food and drink at each location. Art pieces ranged from paintings to pottery.

The Arts Council has this event every year as one of their many fundraisers, but also to help raise awareness for the preservation of historic downtown. Wynne, like many other towns, has lots of history, but through the years some of it has been destroyed. With this event, the Arts Council hopes to show how with a little work these buildings can be restored to their former glory.

As Picnic'N Downtown grows bigger every year, so does the support for local artists and downtown. Emry Hayes has more on the story here.

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