Monday, April 27, 2015

Transtioning: Mykki Newton, Two Spirit Soul

Photo by: Mykki Newton
Photo by: Mykki Newton

  Mykki Newton, that some students at the University of Mississippi may know as the camera guy. But there is much more than what meets the eye, as he calls himself a "two spirited" human being. His roles are videographer, editor and filmmaker at the University of Mississippi.  He also host and produces an online horror-film.

Before his time at Ole Miss Newton says he spent 13-years as a television anchorman and reporter, 10-years as an actor and nearly a lifetime a filmmaker as Mike Newton. During that time begin an anchorman at WPTY in Memphis, Tennessee, Newton knew he wasn't happy with his life so he had to get off air to start his transition.

"Before 1993 if you told me I would be living in Mississippi I would say no way in hell," said Newton.

He found his happy place in Oxford, Ms getting his professional and personal life together after years of self-destructive behaviors. He is currently producing a lot of documentaries and also writing two books, one about social media for the anti-social and the other about B-movie. You can learn more about Mykki Newton and his horror films by clicking here.

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