Monday, April 27, 2015

Hemline Oxford: A Family Affair 

A new clothing store will soon be a permanent resident on the Oxford Square. Hemline, which now has 18 locations in six states, has expanded to North Mississippi, and will officially open June 4.

However, the clothing boutique has become a family affair for the Smiths of Baton Rouge, La. Renee Smith is the new owner of Hemline Oxford, but it is her oldest daughter, Ole Miss junior, Madison Smith, who will be the full-time manager come this summer.

With little retail experience, and pursuing a degree in graphic design and math, Smith says her "passion for fashion" will hopefully be the key to her, and Hemline's, success. Smith hopes to use her experience at Hemline Oxford to continue expanding the brand after graduation, pursuing the continued franchising of the store as a career.

Kelly Savage has the story:

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