Monday, April 27, 2015

Ole Miss Football Manager Cody Friga lives out Chucky Mullins legacy to "Never Quit" in Oxford, MS

Ole Miss Football Manager Cody Friga

On November 9th 1988, Cody Friga suffered from a stroke that was caused by a nickel size hole in his brain. The stroke has left Friga's left side of his body to be paralyzed. Which would prevent him from ever playing the sport he loved. 

In the 2014, Friga got the opportunity to join the Ole Miss Football team.  When joining the team as a manager Friga continues to be a daily reminder  to the athletes and coaches to "Never Quit." Friga determination and motivation allows him  to continue to make strides towards his ultimate goal.

Nothing seems to hold Cody Friga back from following his dream. Early struggles and disappointments led him to a new love for sports. While he may not be able to ever suit up and play. Friga still finds a way to be a huge impact to Ole Miss Football program.

Amber Murphy has the story:

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