Monday, April 27, 2015

Ole Miss Student and Hobby Artist, Olivia Mitchell, Prepares Her Artwork for The Double Decker Art Festival

Olivia Mitchell selling artwork in her tent at The Double Decker Art Festival.

For 20 years, The Double Decker Art Festival has taken place downtown Oxford, Mississippi on The Square.  Each year, vendors and artists set up tents that showcase their work, crafts, and handmade items.  Artists such as Olivia Mitchell, an Ole Miss student, spend much time preparing and working to make their tent appealing to customers.

For Olivia, art has always came easy.  Ever since she could figure out how to work with her hands, Olivia was drawing and painting.  As she got older, Olivia started selling her artwork through word of mouth and via Facebook.  From there, her business took off. Now, Olivia uses the Instagram application to sell her artwork and connect with people from all around the world. Creating artwork may not be a full time career for Olivia, but it will always be something she enjoys doing and sharing with others.

McKenzie Mitchell has more on the story:

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