Sunday, April 26, 2015

Ole Miss Greek Life Office Holds Sexual Assault Seminars for Fraternity Members

Fraternity members attend sexual assault seminar
in the Robert Khayat Law Center.
As a part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Ole Miss' Interfraternity council held seminars in The Robert Kyahat Law Center for fraternity members in order to educate students on policies and prevention tips when it comes to sexual assault. In recent years sexual assault has become an issue on college campuses across the country, while statistics continue to rise, students education of the issue has become even more important. "It's great to see the IFC community committed to sexual assault ensure the safety and security of their chapter, its members, and the campus community," said Coordinator of Fraternity and Society Life, Jenell Lanski. The seminar was held in hopes of changing the conversation when it comes to sexual assault on college campuses. Steven Gagliano has more on the story.

Click here to see more: Ole Miss IFC Sexual Assault Seminar


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