Sunday, April 26, 2015

Upcoming Ole Miss Graduate, Alexis Hicks Runs Bessie Marie During her College Experience

Alexis Hicks designs and creates for 
Bessie Marie at her apartment in Oxford on April 23.
With graduation approaching in two weeks, senior Alexis Hicks have been in great academic standing here at Ole Miss. From traveling to Tanzania on a study abroad program to graduating this year with a bachelors in psychology, she can almost pass as your ordinary rebel student. However, Hicks has also been running two businesses while pursuing her bachelors here at the Harvard of the south. Bessie Marie Loft and Bella Bijou, both names created by her and co-founder Brittany Brown, who happens to also be her best friend. Both companies were named after their grandmothers, who is the most influential people in their lives.
 Bessie Marie and Bella Bijou were funded by Hicks high school graduation money. Which now she has                                                                                  already made back since being enrolled here.                

Through social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, Bessie Marie and Bella Bijou grew a fan-base not just here in Oxford, but all over Mississippi. With a great clientele, Hicks has managed school, finances and her personal life really well. With graduation just around the corner she is prepared the best way she knows how to be.   

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