Monday, December 1, 2014

The Night Show with Morgan Taylor Nicholson on Q107.3 Columbus, GA

Photo By: Maggie McDaniel 
Nicholson playing around in her sound booth during her show. 

Morgan Taylor Nicholson is a normal 20-year-old college girl who started her own radio night show almost two years ago. Nicholson's show is on every night from 7pm-11pm on the WCGQ 107.3
in Columbus, GA. 

Nicholson started doing radio as a project her senior year of high school. The project consisted of learning something new and presenting progress to classmates throughout the school year. Students were also to have a mentor who specialized in the project they chose. Nicholson's mentor was Dave Arwood the daytime talk show host for the radio station Q 107.3. Arwood never allowed Nicholson to be on live radio, instead he taught her different phases of radio, and had her pass out bumper stickers at the stations events. Nicholson never thought she was going to make it on radio after having to pass out bumper stickers that no one wanted.

After a year of learning about radio, passing out bumper stickers, and trying to show her mentor she was passionate about radio, Arwood offered Nicholson a position at the radio station hosting the night show. Nicholson never saw this opportunity coming, but she took the position with no hesitation.

Today Nicholson is still in shock at the opportunity she was given to have her own radio show at such a young age. Everyday she is learning something new and hopes that one day she will have her own radio show in a big city for the world to hear.

Video by: Maggie McDaniel 
Nicholson hosting The Night Show

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