Monday, December 1, 2014

Acoustic Workshop- Shane Bridges & Josh Carson, Students to Superstars, 20 years later

Acoustic Workshop playing in their 20th reunion anniversary show on
Saturday, November 29th in Macon, Ga at the Cox Capitol Theatre. 
As two young college students, Shane Bridges and Josh Carson did not expect their duo to turn into a successful band.

There was something different about the two Valdosta State University students, they were determined to make something out of their musical talents.

In November of 1994, during Thanksgiving break, both Shane and Josh traveled back to Macon, Ga, to spend time with their family for the holidays. During this week, the two recruited Brad Sorrell to play drums and Charles Gaston to play bass on their first CD "Rage." The CD was recorded at Phoenix Sound, formerly known as Capricorn Studios.

As soon as "Rage" was released the duo would become a band by the name, Acoustic Workshop. The young college students were on a whole new level.  They turned into a college sensation over night, playing 200 plus shows a year.

A couple of years later in 1996, the band went on to record another CD, "Strange Addition." Acoustic Workshop had an even stronger following of fans now, especially in the southeastern states.

Being on the road all the time got to be a little much, so the two decided to call it quits.  No hurt feelings, both Shane and Josh were still close friends.  They both began to write their own music, and decided against traveling and playing shows every weekend.

Today, the two still have die hard fans who have encouraged them to have an Acoustic Workshop reunion show every year the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  This year, was a big one.  On Saturday, November 29th, Acoustic Workshop played their 20th anniversary reunion show at the Cox Capitol Theatre.

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