Monday, December 1, 2014

Target: 1 Year After Losing Shoppers Credit Card Information

A Target in New Bern, NC in the middle of Black Friday sales
A little over a year ago, Target Corp. confirmed a major data breach in a press release which stated that nearly 40 million shoppers were at risk of credit card fraud. What made this event so unique, is not only were credit card numbers stolen, but also CVV codes as well which aren't normally stored in company databases. By gaining access to these CVV codes as well as other information, it made it significantly easier for hackers to begin putting fraudulent charges on the stolen credit cards. 

With 40 million credit card numbers stolen, and the information of 70 million others also stolen including addresses, emails, and phone numbers, it could be years until all the fraudulent charges are sorted through. Target wasn't the only store affected, 2014 became known as the year of the data breach when several other businesses were affected by hackers stealing private data from 'secure' servers.

For a video detailing Black Friday at Target this year, follow this link.

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