Monday, December 1, 2014

Are Stores Opening Too Early on Black Friday?

     Ever since the beginning of Black Friday, retail stores have been opening in the early hours of the morning the day after Thanksgiving.  The purpose of this day is to begin the holiday shopping season as well as help stores create a profit.  That's why the word "black" is used for Black Friday.  Back when retail stores kept track of accounts by hand, red ink was used to indicate a loss while black ink was used to mark a profit.

     Those who shop on Black Friday enjoy taking advantage of the lowered prices of what would usually be expensive items. Anticipation for such sales cause large crowds to wait outside stores for hours in order to get the sale they want.  Recently, some stores have tried opening earlier to avoid such a rush.  However, the rush of customers still comes which have caused stores to start their Black Friday sales earlier and earlier.  With some stores beginning their Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving Day, some shoppers have become concerned for employees unable to spend time with their families due to Black Friday hours.

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