Monday, December 1, 2014

Local Restaurant in Spring, Texas Thrives off of Location

David Wayne Hooks Airport located in Spring, Texas
Aviator's Grill is a family owned restaurant located in Spring, Texas, a suburb of Houston. The Duffy family started it about 20 years ago when Mr. and Mrs. Duffy had the idea to start a new restaurant. Local families in the area know that they can always stop at Aviator's for great food and see a friendly face, one which they probably know as Aviator's has many customers who are regulars. Aviator's also teams up with churches and schools in the area like Trinity Lutheran and Salem Lutheran to cater events, provide school lunches and serve food on Sunday
But possibly the most interesting aspect of Aviator's is its location, which is inside Hooks Airport. Hooks is a small airport that generally is used by small private jet owners, military pilots, and air marshals. A lot of these are also regulars and know that anytime they fly into Hooks, they can always count on Aviator's to serve them a great meal. The restaurant pays great attention to this and because of it made the restaurant completely airport themed. The menu and decorations all have something to do with airplanes, which makes it a fun atmosphere for all of the customers. Customers know that the restaurants slogan "Food Worth Landing For" is definitely true, and hopefully Aviator's will get to serve the community with its great food for many more years to come.

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