Friday, December 5, 2014

Ole Miss Student, Imani Lombard: CEO of Es Good Clothing

Unlike many college students, Imani Lombard founded his own clothing line, Es Good, nearly two years ago in the spring of 2013.  A junior accounting major at The University of Mississippi, Lombard struggled with the expenses that come with being a college student.  He then realized that he was spending too much money on materialistic things, such as clothes of the latest trends.  In an effort to cut down on spending, he decided make his own clothes and also sell them for a profit.  Lombard said he did not expect his clothing line to take of the way it did.

The phrase "Es Good" traces back to Lombard's hometown on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  His neighborhood, Sherwood, located in Gulfport, inspired his clothing line, especially its name. 

The young CEO works out of his apartment and also the apartments of his friends in Oxford.  Although without a solid team of assistants, Lombard orders his own materials, prints his own shirts, and manages his own inventory.  He is currently in the process of selecting members to a team he hopes "will work well together to better the clothing line."

Lombard dedicates the success of his clothing line to his supporters on the Gulf Coast. In the future, he plans to launch a children's line.

Sereena Henderson has more on the story here.

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