Monday, December 1, 2014

Black Friday Madness 2014, New Albany, MS

Black Friday is an event celebrated in the United States the day before, during, or after Thanksgiving.

Many crowds gather to their local retail stores to get the best deals for their holiday shopping. Although, the idea is to get the best deals, the crowd can be overwhelming.

Each year, the event is known to have its fair share of fights and disagreements for items such as TVs, computers, clothes, and toys. Even though the event is associated with wild fights and uncontrollable customers, the employees have had different experiences. This year seemed to be a calm year for employees, with little to no disagreements during the event.

New Albany Walmart employee Kristin Walker, and former employee Tiffany Blake have experienced the Black Friday crowd first hand.

"I worked during Black Friday a few years back, and it was crazy. I witnessed my first fight, and it wasn't the best experience for me," said Blake.

Since then Blake says she would rather do her shopping online because it cuts the time in half, and she does not have to worry about long lines and a big crowd.

"It is amazing to see how many people come out to shop at one time, it's one of the busiest days I have worked," she said.

Kristin Walker had a different experience.

"I loved it, it was something I have never experienced before. I heard all of the stories about working during Black Friday, and I was expecting fights to break out as soon as it was time to start," said Walker.

The New Albany Walmart Franchise had no comment on how they prepared their employees for the event, but employees seem to believe it was a success.

"It was a rush, and I have to admit it did get pretty wild, but nothing happened that couldn't be handled. I think we all did a good job," said Walker.

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