Monday, December 1, 2014

Non-traditional Student, Sharon Possehl, Juggles Ole Miss and Motherhood

Sharon Possehl, 29, walks with her son Lucas, 5, at Avent Park.
It is rare for Possehl to get free time due to her busy school
 schedule, but what little time she gets is spent with her sons.

The University of Mississippi is full of different types of non-traditional students . Many students across the nation decided not to take the traditional path to higher education and instead take time off to focus on other things such as motherhood.
Several Universities are starting to provide on-campus childcare for non-traditional students, but The University of Mississippi is not one of them. Ole Miss has resolved to provide daycare but so far has fallen short on its resolution. Ole Miss only provides referrals to local facilities. 
Sharon Possehl, 29, is classified as a non-traditional student at the University of Mississippi. She and her husband raise two young boys while also attending classes. Chelsea Skinner has that story here.

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