Sunday, November 27, 2016

President Elect Trump Strikes out with Minority Approval

As the Presidential Election of 2016  came to a close, the reactions and voices of thousands of Americans did not cease to continue to make their voices heard. After millions of Americans learned who the next president of the the United States would be, citizens across the country were lead into an uproar over the candidate that was chosen due to the candidate's overall history with people of different backgrounds and ethnicity.

Former Republican GOP nominee Donald Trump had been declared on November 9th as President Elect of the United States of America. Yet, millions of America's citizenry were not please due to Trumps reoccurring run ins with the people of this country, and most of the anguish stems from issues that occurred during his campaign trail and the presidential debates. 

African American male at rally protest against recently declared
President- Elect Trump with a sign showing support towards
the Black Lives Matters movement.
Comments about different genders, racial and religious groups of people have made headlines throughout the campaign. Now after the election, much of his dialect, persona and rhetoric has lead to different events taking place.

African American women and men, Muslims and other groups of Americans have faced different issues and backlash from other Trump supporting Americans and voters.

Since November 9th, race related attacks, commentary and issues have taken place, yet millions have not accepted this treatment but have responded with massive protests, marches against what has taken place over
the past few weeks since the election and towards
President Elect Trump. Americans around the nation
continue to protest and speak out against any
injustice towards all minorities and Americans.

A tweet comment made by President- Elect Donald Trump
 towards current President Obama and African Americans
in the Baltimore area.

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