Sunday, November 27, 2016

Exercising Offers Students A Way To Deal With The Stress And Anxiety That Comes With College.

Photo by Olivia Kelley
Stress is a common side-effect that comes with college. When a student is effected with high levels of stress it can often lead to more serious mental illnesses like anxiety and depression. Anxiety is the top presenting concern among college students affecting as many as 41.6 percent of students nationwide. 

Students deal with stress in many ways, sometimes negatively like self-harm and in the most extreme cases, suicide. A positive and easy way to deal with pressure is by exercising regularly. Over the past year as many as five new group fitness businesses and gyms have opened up in Oxford to cater to students. It is not a coincidence that new fitness related businesses are choosing to open in many college towns. 

According to the American Phycological Association, millennials are more likely than other generations to say they exercise weekly and recognize the positive benefits of doing so. When a person exercises serotonin is released into the brain and gives off an overall feeling of well being. 

Photo by Ole Miss Daily Mississippian
"Working out really helps me with stress, whenever I feel overwhelmed with schoolwork or something comes up in my personal live I work out and it really helps," said Ole Miss student Alise Fuller. College students are using this method to deal with the pressures of school. Olivia Kelley has more on this story.

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