Monday, November 28, 2016

Bryan's House Red Socks Campaign

For families with children affected by HIV/AIDS and other developmental and medical needs, help can be difficult to find, but Bryan's House in Dallas, Texas strives to make efforts to provide care for these families impacted by such afflictions.  However, raising the funds to do so requires quite a bit of help and funds.

Red Socks Campaign Mailer
During the holiday season, Bryan's House holds their annual Red Socks Campaign to assist to fund their mission of helping these families.  According to the non-profit, the campaign started after their namesake, Bryan Allen, who passed away from AIDS, was always kept in little red socks as a baby.

Now, Bryan's House sends out little red socks during the holidays for people to fill with donations to help finance their goal to help children not only affected by the AIDS virus, but with other medical and developmental needs.

Madison Aman has more on this story, which you can watch below:

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