Monday, November 28, 2016

HD screen ensures a ‘front row’ experience for fans at AT&T stadium.

As fans find their way to their seats in AT&T stadium, not all have the opportunity to sit as close to the field as they would like. The stadium has a 105,000-guest capacity, leaving many spots hundreds of yards away from the game itself. To ensure that every guest experiences an e
xhilarating Dallas win, an 11,500 square foot screen allows even the furthest guest to see every play up close.

Chief Broadcast Engineer, Dwin Towell, is specifically assigned to keep this massive screen performing for every guest in the stadium. The screen’s 34 million dollar price tag was more than the old Texas Stadium’s original building cost. On a daily basis, the LED bulbs are lit to only a 25% capacity, depending on graphics that are presented. Mitsubishi built the screen in their Japan based factories in 2013. When the parts arrived in the stadium, the screen was assembled while suspended in the air. 

Although many guests enjoy the screen’s clear picture and striking HD precision, some prefer proximity to technology. Many fans agree that the screen is helpful, but not the only way to enjoy America's Team. 


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