Monday, November 28, 2016

HoneyBaked Ham manager prepares for upcoming holiday

The HoneyBaked Ham Company is frequently the go to for people preparing meals during the holidays. From the ham and the turkey to the side dishes and desserts, these items help round out a family meal.

Just how much time and preparation goes into pleasing customers each holiday season? Let's just say that it starts with offering extended hours for those customers that are stuck at work and can't get to the store until later.

For the Thanksgiving holiday, stores were open five extra hours longer than their normal schedule. On average, a single HoneyBaked Ham store assists about 500 people in one day during the holiday. With that amount of people coming through a store, the manager has many different tasks that need to be completed far in advance.

Debbie Fazio, General Manager of the HoneyBaked Ham store in Strongsville, Ohio, had many tasks she needed to complete both before the holiday and during the peak busy hours of the days leading up to Thanksgiving. Get more on this story below:

General Manager Debbie Fazio prepares the back cooler for a new shipment of product.

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