Sunday, November 20, 2016

Ole Miss International American Student Alliance Hosts A Global Thanksgiving Dinner

The First Thanksgiving brought the Pilgrims and Native Americans together to share a meal, but now, Thanksgiving is uniting people, from all corners of the Earth, over slices of pumpkin pie. 

The International American Student Alliance (IASA) at the University of Mississippi held a potluck dinner on November 15, 2016 to celebrate Thanksgiving. American students brought traditional dishes associated with the holiday while international exchange students brought favorite foods from their home nations. 

"We had this event so international students could try American food as well as to try food from around the world from other countries," said Kelly Slater, Director of IASA. "We wanted to do this so people could taste each others' dishes, break the barriers of different cultures and learn more about different parts of the world."

At the potluck, students were able to share their native foods, languages and customs. Rachel Anderson has more on this story:

IASA plans to organize another potluck in the future to bring more Ole Miss students of different nationalities together. 

"We hope to hold many more events like this throughout the upcoming semester and beyond," said Slater. "That way international students can continue to meet Americans, and Americans can meet them to have increased cross-cultural engagement."

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