Monday, November 28, 2016

Newlife Landscapes in Northern Georgia Reacts to Drought Regulations

 Newlife Landscapes is a company that operates just north of Atlanta. Recent set backs have been experienced due to a decrease in the amount of rainfall throughout the entire state. Drought response levels ranging from levels 1 to 3 may be issued if the amount of water does not increase. A level 1 response is the least severe and has a smaller amount of restrictions, while a level 3 has the restrictions of both levels 1 and 2, as well as additional ones. These restrictions and rules are not as heavily enforced as they used to be. In the past there were people assigned to drive around and make sure people were watering during the scheduled time.Today, workers from Newlife say they no longer see drivers out and as a result of this, the water problem is not improving at rapid rates.

Newlife currently has less restrictions to follow than residential members, because Newlife is a business and they're allowed certain exemptions so they can function adequately. Most water restrictions are to be conducted during the hours of 10:00 AM through 4:00 PM. The most common restriction is on irrigation, specifically for gardens, fields, and golf courses which require a great deal of water. 

Certain parts of the state are classified as D3 and D4, which are Extreme Drought and Exceptional drought. The levels of water near lakes and other areas are dangerously low. Newlife does jobs throughout various parts of the state and all of their work sites have been affected to some degree. Within the last three months Georgia has gone back and fourth in their rankings for the level of dryness, and as of October 2016 Georgia was ranked 30th. If drought conditions don't improve in coming months, new rules and regulations may be created and strictly enforced.

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