Monday, November 28, 2016

It's Not All About Catching Bad Guys

Officer Craig Manne has been with the Sandy Springs Police Department for three years. Joining the force in 2014 after volunteering for several years. When Officer Manne took the oath, he knew the dangers of the job. On Wednesday, the officers in Mannes shift were all wearing a black and blue stripe over their badge. This is a way to remember a fallen police officer that got ambushed and died while in the line of duty. A reminder to them all of the dangerous job they do to protect the residents of Sandy Springs. One busier days Officer Manne could be called to respond upon to any number of calls that come over his radio. From domestic violence calls, car wrecks, burglaries, and school lock downs. Police work is not all about writing traffic tickets, it is also about protecting people and their property.

Manne rides alone in his patrol car, which is dangerous. Not all departments are able to put two officers in a car. If something were to happen and Manne needed back up, he knows that his fellow officers would respond in a mater of seconds.

Below is a video that shows the calmer days while Officer Manne is on shift.

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