Monday, November 28, 2016

Oxford Maker's Market Artist Has Some "Heated" Talent

Fun and excitement filled the streets of downtown Oxford,Mississippi this past weekend. Members of the Oxford Square Alliance held their annual Holiday Open House on the Square. The big event was comprised of smaller events and gave local residents and visitors a variety of opportunities to participate in whichever event they chose. The smaller events consisted of photos with Santa Clause, a free opportunity to create holiday art, free carriage rides, Christmas tree lightings, and more.

Oxford Maker's Market was one of the smaller events hosted on Friday during the Holiday Open House. It is a monthly art market venue  for local artists in Oxford to sell their works and goods.  It all began in 2010 and has continuously grown over the years. Now it includes others features like music, poetry readings, art demonstrations, and more. The Market is mainly dedicated to giving artists and artisans of all types an outlet to be seen and heard.

Angela King was one of the many artists present for the Oxford Maker's Market venue with unique talent.
King's lamp work talent began only three years ago, when she embarked on a school abroad trip to Italy.  
"I saw this lady that had on this beautiful glass jewelry. I had to ask her, like how; tell me how do you do that? She told me where to go to take classes and then from there, I got to here."  
Over a small amount of time, King has learned a lot about the sale business and also about the ups and downs in selling her own personal items. Here in Oxford, she says her clientele is very high and people "actually" know who she is and what she does.
Her price range for her special hand-made pieces range anywhere from $3 single beads to $200 necklace.

Angela King has a Facebook account where many can browse through her vast collection of handmade necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more.

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