Sunday, April 28, 2013

Turning Fanhood into a Lifestyle; How one group of friends is making a name for themselves in right field at Ole Miss

Couch Crew member
Issac Moore
Although college baseball is increasing in popularity across the nation, it is hard to find a place where baseball is more important than to the fans of Ole Miss.  They have the attendance numbers to back up that claim, thanks in part to the thousands of students that pack the outfield every weekend for Ole Miss Baseball games.

         However, there is one group of students that took their fanhood and made it become way of life.  They call themselves the Couch Crew, and have been so committed to baseball that they go through many sarcifices just to support their team.  "As bad as it sounds, I've skipped a distant relatives funeral just so I could come to a baseball game," Tyler Winkleman, a member of the Couch Crew, said. "When Coach Bianco says this is the best atmosphere in baseball, we take it to heart.  We aren't going to let him down"

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