Monday, April 29, 2013

Rebel Radio, “The Voice of Ole Miss,” Serves as a Job, Hobby, and Learning Experience to Students in Oxford, MS

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Rebel Radio, more commonly known as “92.1 The Voice of Ole Miss,” is a radio station run solely by students at the University of Mississippi. The station serves most of Northern Mississippi and targets students and people between the ages 12-35. Rebel Radio informs students and residents mainly in Oxford, MS about sports, upcoming events, and news involving the University. Unlike some stations, music is played every day and night, at all hours, to entertain students and listeners.  Many students enjoy calling the station and requesting songs as well as giving their input on situations occurring on campus and in Oxford.

“Rebel radio is always playing in my car while I’m driving to class in the mornings. They play a good mixture of different types of music and are always very informative about sports and upcoming events on campus or in Oxford,” said Kim Banks, a Junior at Ole Miss.

Rebel Radio gives students an opportunity to share and express their musical talent with the community and gain more experience with radio equipment. The station is located on campus in the S. Gale Denley Student Media Center in Bishop Hall.

For more on Rebel Radio, click here.

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