Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ole Miss student Amanda Schnugg rejects the idea of religion

In a religious and God fearing region,  admitting that you're an atheist can cause a solitary lifestyle. Even though the presence of the Christian faith is stronger in the south, "noreligious" ranks third among religious affiliations in the world at 1.1 billion.

Amanda Schnugg said she wasn't always a nonbeliever. Schnugg said she was in a youth group at a Baptist church, won awards and wanted to be a missionary.

The U.S. Religion Landscape Survey breaks down a vast range of demographics and practices that details the perception of the American public on religion. Schnugg said she knows that she's "different and outside of the box," but understands that a large majority of Americans identify themselves with Christianity.

She also said she doesn't broadcast her non-belief unless someone asks, but said "it's not something I hide." Click here for more on the story.

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