Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Free Yearbook that is Not So Free!

Every year the amount of students obtaining Ole Miss yearbooks increases because students are able to get their yearbooks with just a swipe of their Student ID. The problem is, the yearbooks are technically not free. 
It's more like students paying for them ahead of time because it comes out of their tuition. The yearbooks were given away in the Student Union lobby this year, unlike last year where they were given away outside of the Tad Pad. 

This year's yearbook focuses on a more personable perspective for students. The yearbook features stories on some of this year's prime events such as the celebration of Ole Miss having 50 Years of Integration, the first African American Homecoming Queen, the Egg Bowl win, and the SEC Championship Win. All a student has to do is swipe their ID, make sure their name is on the list with no bursar holds on their account, and the yearbook is theirs. Many students on campus think they are getting a free yearbook, when in reality they are not. 

Some students on campus do not know that the yearbook comes out of their tuition. Many students did not have a yearbook in high school, so who's to say they want one in college as well? The students that are aware of this do not exactly like that they are paying tuition and that this yearbook fee is automatically applied.

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