Monday, April 29, 2013

Jillian and Lisette Tumblin bond over the Southeastern Lacrosse Conference every year

The Southeastern Lacrosse Conference brings together a mother and daughter every year for bonding over the sport. Jillian Tumblin, a former high school lacrosse player, and Lisette Tumblin have been a part of the tournament for over nine years.

No matter how close or how far away they are, the weekend of the SELC, they are always there, year after year.

SELC is held in Johns Creek, Georgia, a suburb about 30 minutes outside of Atlanta, and is always held the last weekend of April. 

Lisette Tumblin has seen many things change over the years, and was fully prepared for any mishaps, as she has seen everything happen, from tragedy to a water leak accident.

"One of the sadder events that took place was after the mass shooting at Virginia Tech, their Lacrosse team made it to the tournament here two weeks after, the Johns Creek community showed up in tremendous amounts to support them. We had a ten foot huge card that fans signed and they presented it to the school. We wanted to show love and support for the school and what the kids had gone through," Tumblin said.

"Two years ago one of our sponsors ran over a sprinkler and we had a 40 foot geyser up in the air that was pretty to look at, and the little kids liked running underneath it because it was hot, but it took down all of our bathrooms. So we were in the stadium, it was full of fans, beautiful Sunday, final championship games and we had no bathrooms and no water. Just like lacrosse parents do, we persevered and got some golf carts, where we shuttled people up towards the high school where we had water and bathrooms." 

Some of the schools that competed this year were: Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Tennessee, Vanderbilt and Kentucky. For a full list of teams click here.

This year, the Division I winner was The University of Georgia, and the Division II winner was Liberty University. For more information click on the video below:

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