Monday, April 29, 2013

Ole Miss Students Fear There is Not Enough Time to Move Out of Dorms

     In two weeks, on May 12, all Ole Miss students residing in dorms will have to be completely moved out of their rooms. And moving out is no simple feat. Residents have to move out everything that belonged to them, of course, but they also are required to sweep and mop their floors, wipe down their windows, sills and shelves, and remove all adhesive materials off of walls and doors. This is a process every freshman will experience, since every freshman at the University is required to live in a dorm their first year. Many students believe that the immediate move out regulations are very stressful. Sophomore Ole Miss student Katelyn Miller is especially stressed.
     Miller, a resident of the Residential College, has a Resident Assistant whom is graduating on Saturday, May 11, and will be unable to check any of her residents out that day. Unfortunately, Saturday would have been the most opportune day for her to move out. 
     "I have a really packed exam schedule" Miller said. "And I have a ton of stuff that I need to move into a storage unit or into my car. Since my R.A. will be at her graduation on Saturday, and all the slots are filled on Sunday, I am forced to move out on Friday, after I finish my last exam. It's really unfortunate."
     Resident Assistants of dorms on campus don't feel too sympathetic for residents, however. "I had to do it last year as a freshman" Megan Miller, a R.A. in Dorothy H. Crosby Hall , said. "Everyone's been there." 
     On the ideal time she would like her residents to be moved out, Miller said: "I would personally like them gone sooner rather then later because it's less of a hassle for us closing the building down if they're all gone sooner.
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