Monday, April 29, 2013

Ole Miss students find health benefits from taking Protandim

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With the help from Protandim some Ole Miss students have been able to reduce stress and stay healthy. Protandim is a supplement used to fight oxidative stress and can lower it by 40%. Oxidative stress happens when there is a disturbance in the detoxifying of cells in the human body. When disturbances occur, a toxic effect takes place causing damage to oxygen compounds which can lead to further damage to the proteins, lipids, and DNA. Oxidative stress also can disrupt cell communication that manages all cell action.
Many medical journals have claimed that oxidative stress can lead to various diseases such as cancer, Sickle cell, diabetes, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and many more. Protandim does not claim to cure or prevent any diseases, but there is a lesser chance of developing one if oxidative stress is lowered. The supplement was first introduced to the public in 2005 after an ABC primetime report. After a recent introduction to the Ole Miss community Protandim has caught the eye of several students looking to lead a healthier life.

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