Sunday, April 28, 2013

Eating Disorder Prevention Organization, Southern Smash, visits Ole Miss

Photo Curtesy of Southern Smash

         Southern Smash is a non-prohit organization raising eating disorder awareness and prevention. Women smash scales to signify that their number on a scale is not important, but their health is.

         Southern Smash aims to educate women about the dangers of eating disorders, but also to empower women to celebrate and embrace their true beauty.
        Founder, McCall Dempsey struggled with an eating disorder for 15 years before she received help two years ago. Since then, she has made it her life goal to help women with this illness. Dempsey's blog gives more information of her journey.

Southern Smash tours various campus's hosting "smash parties" and SmashTalks in hopes of helping struggling women. To see more information on Southern Smash's visit to Ole Miss, click here.

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