Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Surge of Students

Surge of Students

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Finals are approaching fast and students have begun to fill the J.D. Williams Library. Although final week does not start until Monday, students are already cramming for the upcoming tests. Every seat, computer, and desk is becoming occupied. These days leading up to finals are students version of hell.The coffee, or perhaps the stress of the end of the semester, brings hundreds of students into J.D. Williams Library to use its facilities.

When walking around the third floor of the library you see every nook and cranny of the library filled with a studious student, diligently working on an assignment or studying. Jacob Mcdougal, manager at Starbucks CafĂ© in the library, said the cafe's busiest week is finals week when students are constantly there throughout the day.
Through the year the library has hardly had anyone in it and those there are most likely not doing any school related work but come closing weeks into finals and the library is filled like there is a black friday sale going on. Whether it be study groups or individuals, the library is sure to see a multitude of students when this time occurs.

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