Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Oxford criminals beware of two Ole Miss students

The OxfordCrimeReport.com is an online-only publication is to inform Oxonians of arrests and criminal proceedings locally in Lafayette County.

Two Ole Miss students run the publication. Jacob Batte, Editor-in-Chief, says that it can be enjoyable to do sometimes and shares that his favorite part about his job is watching the municipal courts. Jake Thompson, a writer believes that he has time to do the job because it doesn't take that much time and effort. "It's about twenty to thirty minutes every Tuesday through Friday," says Thompson.
Jacob Batte, Editor-in-Chief

These students give citizens the chance to see who were the real culprits behind that robbery last week or maybe they're in it to see their friend's arrest. "It's entertaining because you probably know the guy," says Batte about the arrest lists.

Either way these two students take this job seriously and do it the best they can. If you go to the Lafayette County detention center, then expect to see yourself on this website soon. For more information on the matter, watch the video below.

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