Friday, November 16, 2012

Ole Miss Riots, All Not Over It.

This November, the University of Mississippi has made some positive and negative appearances in the news. The most known event took place after the announcement of President Barack Obama’s win in the 2012 election. Reports say that nearly 400 students gathered in a riot, yelled racial slurs, and burned an Obama Biden campaign sign. 

However, this isn’t the only negative thing the University of Mississippi has been placed in the media for. Jamal Woods, who was a freshman at the university, recently withdrew because he was being harassed on campus. Woods also had his vehicle vandalized with the letters "KKK" carved into the side.

The University had a Candle Light Walk after the events, but some students say it didn’t prove they were unified. The AfriKan Activist Student Alliance says it was merely an attempt to sweep the real incidents under the rug. They feel as if Jamal’s story was only mentioned because his mother came forth and the university has not done much to secure the safety of all its students. Sasha Owens has this story. Click the video below for more information.

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