Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Oxford, MS Skate Park: A Social Community

Locals hanging out at the Oxford Skate Park
 The skate park in Oxford, MS has become quite a popular place over the last several years. Since its opening in 2006, the park has provided locals with a place to skateboard but recently it has become a place to meet new people and socialize. It has become its own little community and those who skate here really appreciate having a meeting place to hang out at because there just simply isn't anything else like it around town. Skateboarding is its own culture and the park provides an entirely separate community for the skaters. 

All are welcome at the skate park as long as you are there to skate and be respectful of the place.The park hosts occasional tournaments and events where skaters from all around the state come to participate. Learn more at, Skate Boarding Mississippi/ Events. It also helps to know what your doing but if you are a rookie there are plenty of skaters willing to share some of their tricks with you. Go by your local skate shop, Oxford Skate Board Shop and pick up a board. There's a whole new community waiting to meet you. 

For more, click here to view YouTube footage of the story.

View a slideshow of the action at the Oxford Skate Park below:

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