Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ole Miss ROTC Exams, More Than Your Average Test

Ole Miss ROTC cadets are finishing their semester with final exams. ROTC exams are not like a students average exam. These students take their exam on a 4x4 map where they manuever Army planes and jeeps. While they manuever these planes and jeeps they are trying to avoid IED's and other types of blockages.

The exam is lead by Colonel Minami. He gives the cadets scenarios and the cadets have to decide the most approriate way to handle the situation. Colonel Minami may hand a cadet a sheet of paper indicating they are about to run into an IED. The cadet has to figure out which route he is going to take to best avoid the IED.

Minami explains that it takes a level of maturity to do these tasks. "You'll see in the game about 8 of them want to talk to me at one time and you'll see that's impossible. It takes a level of maturity to realize "Oh, my buddy on the right may be in a worse situation than me right now," so the cadets are learning how to handle these situations."

This exam helps prepare the cadets for their futures. Many of these cadets will be deployed to places like Iraq and Afghanistan and they have to be prepared for whatever circumstance is thrown their way. Here's a link where you can see a video showing the the cadets during their exam.

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