Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ole Miss adminstrators and student leaders respond to 2012 Election Protests

Courtesy of The Associated Press
 Reported by Bracey Harris

      On election night protests broke out on the Ole Miss campus in response to the reelection of President Barack Obama.  The demonstrations, which started in front of residence halls shortly after midnight, turned unruly. Although there were no reports of property damage or injuries, the use of racial slurs has been confirmed by campus police. The incident has garnered national headlines and negative publicity for the university, shortly after its commemoration of fifty years of integration.   In response the university has established an Election Night Incident Review Committee to determine what took place.  The committee will also make recommendations on the steps that should be taken next.
      Student leaders have also contributed ideas for moving forward.  Hope Owens-Wilson, President of One Mississippi and a student worker at The William Winter Institute for Racial Reconciliation, was instrumental in planning the "We are One Mississippi" candlelight vigil.
Courtesy of The Associated Press
Wilson wants a more open dialogue regarding race relations on campus.  Sean Higgins, President of the Ole Miss College Democrats has taken a firmer stance.  He along with several other students leaders drafted an open letter to the student body stating, "To students who believe what happened on our campus is somehow acceptable, and to those who partook in hateful speech: you are not welcome at The University of Mississippi. We do not want you here. Our campus is not a safe haven for hate."  As with Owens, Higgins wants frank discussion regarding how much the university has progressed.  He is also brainstorming with other student leaders on other ideas such as an honor code, which would hold students more accountable for  their behavior and conduct.

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