Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Leapfrog Program in Oxford, MS helps falling students

Mary Daniel Smith helps Tearra and Khy at Leapfrog

The Leapfrog program was established in Oxford, MS in the 1980s to help 12 Oxford Elementary students who were falling behind in their school work. Over time, the Leapfrog program has expanded to help about 140 students from Oxford Elementary and Lafayette County Elementary. Leapfrog is held at St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Oxford-University Methodist Church and St. John Catholic Church.

Students are able to be paired off with a one-on-one tutor for one hour to help improve reading, writing, and math skills. With the help of volunteers from the Oxford community and Ole Miss students, on average, more than 80% of the Leapfrog students are able to pass their current grade.

Members of the community donate snacks each study session for the students to eat. The directors encourage healthy eating habits for the students. After the students have done homework and school lessons for an hour, they eat their snack and go outside for play time. 

Leapfrog is a non-profit organization, and donations are always welcomed. For more on the story, watch the video below.

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