Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ex-CIA spy Shirley Perry: Her life as a Spy

Courtesy of Shirley Perry

 Ex-CIA spy Shirley Perry, now a resident of the Oxford community is a retired spy. Her journey captures most of her adventures working in the C.I.A.  Releasing her book "After Many Days," tells her remarkable story of her life as a CIA operator during the Cold War. Ms. Perry is a mother of two and a widow to late husband Robert Perry, also an ex-spy. They both found love while working side by side during the time of the Soviet Union.

Shirley Perry has lived an enviably rich life while working in the CIA. Taking on a man's job proved that women are strong too.

Not to mention, while living in Luxembourg City, Ms. Shirley Perry founded the American School of Luxembourg in 1963. Throughout her life, Ms. Perry speaks at many institutions talking to students about her experience as a Spy. She also recommends people who have passion for this type of work to go for it because you only live once. For more information on the story click here.

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