Monday, April 30, 2012

ADHD Medication, A Problem Among College Students

      The usage of ADHD medication to stay up all night and be focused is not just a problem at Ole Miss but many other colleges as well. Students pull long nights studying for tests, finishing projects and completing homework, but for many students, coffee and energy drinks aren't enough to stay awake and focused. More and more college students are turning to ADHD medication to solve this problem.
      Many students at Ole Miss say this drug is as easy to get as sending a text message, all you have to do it ask. No one is ashamed to talk about it or afraid of getting in trouble for using or distributing it. Most students know 1 out of 5 friends of theirs that are prescribed or can easily access the drug. This medication has become very popular on college campus' among students. Is this a miracle study drug or addictive habit?

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