Monday, April 30, 2012

Ole Miss Graduates Are In For A Rude Awakening As They Enter The Job Market

According to a new Associated Press study, 1 in 2 college graduates of 2012 will be unemployed or underemployed when going out into the working world.  Ole Miss students are not exempt from these numbers.  In fact, Jonathan Harrington, Associate Director for Employer Services at the Ole Miss Career Center, said that only one-third of students graduating in May 2012 have set job opportunities so far.

Harrington recommended starting the job search "as early as Sophomore year in order to get the appropriate internships and experience," to land a job straight out of college, but he said many wait until the last minute--some even just weeks before graduation.  With tools given by the Career Center, this shouldn't be the case.  Everyone knows that job market is in a downturn, but with enough research, work, tenacity, and use of facilities offered, finding a job isn't that hard.  

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