Sunday, April 29, 2012

UM meal plans and food costs on the rise

      Meal plan hikes were approved state wide on Thursday and are expected to increase starting May 7.  Not only will the price of food go up, but the cost of each meal plan will be lowered, causing students to get less food for more money.

     Freshman Michael Puglisi says the price increases are not fair to the students.  "The price of food in the Union is already so high that one meal plan usually isn't enough to cover the cost," says Puglisi, "I usually have to use my Flex money to cover the difference that my meal plan doesn't pick up."

      Although the majority of students are upset with the higher costs, most say that it will not stop them from continuing to eat on campus.  "A lot of freshman eat here because it's convenient," says Melinda Szafranski, freshman education major at Ole Miss, "and some students like me who do not have a car don't really have a choice but to eat on campus."

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