Monday, April 30, 2012

Mississippi and the Issue of Abortion

 Mariel Parman does research on the latest about the progress on the Fetal Heartbeat Bill.

Recently the Fetal Heartbeat Bill "Senate Bill 2771" was killed on the Mississippi Senate floor. The bill said that if an abortion is performed after a heartbeat is discovered then if would be considered homicide. The bill was considered unconstitutional due to restrictions on federal law.

The topic of abortion has been gaining heat before the November elections with Governor Phil Bryant supporting Proposition 26 (a bill for restrictions on contraceptives and abortions). He has even posted articles on his official website about the steps he's taking in protecting all life in the state.

Mariel Parman, a University of Mississippi student and a member of the UM Feminist Majority staged a protest in November to speak out against the state taking away women's health rights such as abortion and contraceptives.

Cy Rosenblatt, a University of Mississippi Political Science professor and former member of the MS Senate says that he feels that Bryant definitely has a passion for the issue of being pro-life.

Popular women's blog "Jezebel" named the entire state of Mississippi as being one of the worst places for women's health. One of their reasoning was due to the strict access to abortion one has in the state.

Other states are following in Mississippi footsteps such as Oklahoma and Ohio

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